Introduction to Volunteering at Outsiders Inn at St Paul
Since April 2020, Outsiders Inn has responsibility for the ongoing operations and peer counseling of guests. The consistent staffing and oversight that Outsiders Inn provides at St Paul Men’s Shelter is invaluable to its year-round operation and positive outcomes. The peer counseling that the trained staff and recurring volunteers offer to 25 guests at a time has helped many to move out of houseless-ness and otherwise progress on their personal journey.
Volunteers’ activities vary depending on time of day and of the year, on the site (all shelter sites managed by Outsiders Inn welcome volunteers) and experience. We welcome volunteers for:
Occasional shifts: Any member of the community is welcome to help as a volunteer for an evening or morning. There are various activities that volunteers assist with, but the most valuable contribution is conversing and interacting with the guests.

  • Between November 1 and March 31, sign up for individual shifts via
  • Between April 1 and October 31, contact Outsiders Inn Volunteer & Resources Coordinator at [email protected]
  • Information about occasional volunteering at Outsiders Inn at St Paul is here. The updated St Paul WHO Volunteer Manual 2023-2024 >> Click Here

Recurring shifts: volunteers with excellent communication skills and drive to help others are invited to donate their time and skills at St Paul Men’s Shelter or any other shelter site overseen by Outsiders Inn. 

    • Recurring volunteers are required to complete a volunteer application that provides general information about themselves, a confidentiality agreement and authorization for a Criminal Background Check.
    • Once accepted into the program, Outsiders Inn has created a 2-hour training program that may be completed either in-person or virtually. 
    • For more information, contact Outsiders Inn Volunteer & Resources Coordinator at [email protected] 

Provide a meal to Outsiders Inn at St Paul
365 days a year, evening meals are provided by anyone in the greater community who offers to deliver food for 29 people. 

    • Information about delivery and dates available is included on the MealTrain sign-up

All onsite volunteers (excluding MealTrain) are asked to:

    • authorize a Background Check that Outsiders Inn will process
    • print, read and bring with them a signed Confidentiality Form
    • once submitted, these documents are valid for one (1) year.

Thank you for your interest in rendering care and hospitality to our guests