The mission of Winter Hospitality Overflow (W.H.O.) is “Working to bridge the gap between limited shelter space and the increased need for warm and safe accommodations during Vancouver’s coldest months.” 

The mission of Outsiders Inn, the organization that operates St Paul Men’s Shelter is “to lift people out of homelessness through advocacy, support and resources, while serving the community with integrity, transparency and respect.” 

Outsiders Inn Pillars of Practice are:
Respect: Outsiders Inn board, staff and guests work together in relationships based on equality and respect. We believe in making the right choices with transparency and accountability.
Recovery: Outsiders Inn believes in the value of lived experience of peers working alongside guests to help build and follow their plans for future success.
Resources: Outsiders Inn partners with guests and community providers to mobilize formal and informal resources to achieve individual’s wellness and well-being goals.
Resilience: Outsiders Inn practice will affirm and strengthen guests’ cultural, racial, and linguistic identities and enhance their ability to function in a multicultural society.
Responsive: Outsiders Inn programs are embedded in the community and contribute to the community-building process by advocating for services and systems that are fair, flexible, accountable and responsive to emerging guest and community needs.

We invite you to join us in rendering care and hospitality to our guests.