November 1 thru March 31 (Winter Hospitality Overflow season) volunteer shift/s sign up is on

All volunteers must complete the volunteer application and authorize a background check. The online application is at   Please complete the application as soon as possible; it takes one (1) week for Outsiders Inn to apply for and receive results of the background check which is considered valid for one (1) year.  

There are various tasks that volunteers assist with, but the most meaningful is to spend time with, and converse with, the guests. Information about occasional volunteering at Outsiders Inn at St Paul is here: The St Paul WHO Volunteer Manual 2023-2024 >> Click Here

For an in-person presentation to inspire a faith community or other questions or support to get you or a group involved with St Paul Men’s Shelter, contact [email protected]

Personal information that you share on the and on the volunteer application will not be used for any other purposes.  

We welcome your participation in rendering care and hospitality to our guests.