Year-round, 365 days a year, St Paul Men’s Shelter relies on support from community members like you.
Financial Aid,  In-kind Donations, Providing meals and Volunteer support.

1) Monetary donations to sustain the W.H.O. program and St Paul Men’s Shelter are needed throughout the year. 

  • Donate directly at the W.H.O. donation page:
  • Mail donations to Council for the Homeless, 2500 Main St., Vancouver, WA 98660, with "W.H.O." or “W.H.O. St Paul” in the memo line.
  • Donate to Outsiders Inn: donating items of need, donating for a specific project, or making a small recurring donation to help continue to connect with and support local unhoused resident projects. 

2) In kind donations of food and pantry items are always needed: 

Bread Canned foods Creamer Peanut Butter  Toilet paper
Cereal Soup + chili Coffee Jelly Lg black trash bags
Fruit Chips Tea Napkins 13 gal trash bags
Milk Snacks Cold drink mixes Razors Paper towels 
Condiments Sugar Hot chocolate  Band-aids  Sandwich bags

To arrange drop-off of these or other items, contact [email protected] 

3) Provide a meal (or a gift card for a meal): Anyone or any group is invited to provide a meal for the guests who reside at Outsiders Inn at St Paul. 365 days a year, someone from the community-at-large signs up in advance on our Meal Train software, and then delivers a prepared meal to serve 29 people. 

Detailed information about delivery instructions, dates available, and a peek at what other people are serving can be found on the Meal Train sign-up Meal Train for St Paul and other shelter sites managed by Outsiders Inn is handled by OI Meal Coordinator, Laurene. You may call or text her at 316-836-0722

4) Volunteering: Outsiders Inn and our guests are appreciative of volunteers who choose to assist the ongoing program. 

  • Recurring shifts: volunteers with excellent communication skills and drive to help others are invited to donate their time and skills at St Paul Men’s Shelter or any other site overseen by Outsiders Inn. Once accepted into the program, Outsiders Inn has created a 2-hour training program that may be completed either in-person or virtually. For more information, contact Outsiders Inn Volunteer & Resources Coordinator at [email protected] 
  • Occasional shifts: Any member of the community is welcome to help as a volunteer for an evening or morning. There are various jobs that volunteers assist with, but the main task is to converse with the guests. Information about shift volunteering at Outsiders Inn at St Paul is here. The updated St Paul WHO Volunteer Manual 2023-2024 >> Click Here
    • Between November 1 and March 31, sign up for individual shifts via
    • Between April 1 and October 31, contact Outsiders Inn Volunteer & Resources Coordinator at [email protected]

Thank you for your interest in rendering care and hospitality to our guests.