History of W.H.O. and St Paul Men’s Shelter

Winter Hospitality Overflow was established in 2003 to help bridge the gap between limited shelter space and the increased need for warm, safe overnight accommodations during Vancouver’s coldest months.

Extending HOSPITALITY to people who are facing extreme challenges was foundational to the program, and it continues to be the most valuable contribution that volunteers like yourself bring to folks residing in our shelter. 

Originally a seasonal program, St Paul Men’s Shelter has operated year-round since April, 2020. Staffing and overall management of the site is the responsibility of an organization called Outsiders Inn; the facility at St Paul is also referred to as "Outsiders Inn at St Paul".

"Winter Hospitality Overflow" specifically refers to the period between November 1 and March 31, during which time volunteers from faith communities and other organizations are particularly sought to assist and interact with guests of the overnight shelters located at St Paul, St Andrew, and the more recently added Satellite Overflow Shelter. 

Watch a 3 minute video about Outsiders Inn at St Paul: Youtube "Outsiders Inn 3 Minutes"

We welcome individuals and teams to assist in enhancing our community’s support of people who are houseless by volunteering at St Paul Men’s Shelter during W.H.O. season, or at any time during the year.